Sometimes with a new year and new ideas, a change is often needed to start a new strategy. So this year I am starting new courses to better tackle the things I like to do. Those courses I have started are:

  • Lightroom CC from beginner to master
  • The complete art/drawing course
  • Descriptive writing

You see, I have looked long and hard at myself and in particular at how I am accomplishing my hobbies. My photography seems to be in the doldrums because I get the post-processing all wrong. My artwork has suffered because I have failed to keep it up and therefore have lost some core skills. The book I am writing has suffered the most, as I have not took the time to write up my notes for at least a year – I know, pretty bad!

So today – or rather tonight – I took the decision to end my relationship with Facebook, there, said it and done it. You see it was taking up too much time and that is something that is very precious to me – time!

Instead I shall be continuing with good old Twitter – #MichaelMuscroft – the very first social media thingy that I ever used. It’s easier, it doesn’t take up all my time and I’ve even setup an auto-poster directly from this blog site to my Twitter account, so I don’t even have to write posts in more than one place – cool or what.

So that is my change for this year, to better myself and to create a structure that works for me. Before you ask, no I haven’t signed up to loose weight, jog 20k a day or anything else that’s doomed for failure. Just straight forward thinking and concentrating on the real things that matter.