Oh what fun we had, exploring an abandoned asylum in Denby. As we were holidaying in Criccieth, it seemed like too much of an opportunity to miss.

There are not many abandoned buildings of this size and nature in Norfolk, so we made the best of our little visit. Access was very easy over a very low side wall next to the main road and then there was nothing to stop us walking around the whole site.

Fortunately for us, the local Urbex’s had left a side door open so we just slipped in. Even though it was daylight outside, it was quite dark inside where the light did not penetrate, but for the most part it was quite bright. A lot of the roof had collapsed in and the stairs had been removed to stop anyone going up, but the older stone type stairs where still accessible.

The flooring on level one was quite precarious and extremely dangerous in places, so it was best policy to keep your wits about you as we explored further. I think overall we managed to spend half an hour inside, but we didn’t want to outstay our welcome should a security patrol come around.

Grace made a Vlog for her Youtube channel whilst I took some stills and as per normal, we neither removed nor disturbed anything, leaving only our footsteps in the dust. Our next holiday (2018) will be in North Yorkshire, in a village near Leyburn. So if you know of any such buildings of interest or great waterfalls, please let us know.